Source: Bhargava Parag Narain, Who’s Who in India (Lucknow: Newul Kishore Press, 1911)

C. Sankaran Nair

C. Sankaran Nair was born in 1857. He received his education at the Presidency College in Madras and took his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1879, whereupon he was appointed Munsiff. However, he resigned not long after and began practice in the Madras Courts. He subsequently became the judge of the High Court of Madras.

In 1884, he was appointed as a Member of the Committee of Enquiry into the state of Malabar and nominated to the Madras Legislative Council in 1890.

In his political career, he served as the President of the 1897 Indian Congress held at Amraoti. He was also the President of the Madras Provincial Conference and the Madras Social Reform Association. In 1904, he was President of the Industrial Exhibition in Madras.

A prolific writer, he was one of the joint editors of the Madras Law Journal and also founded the Madras Review. He died in 1934.

Source: Bhargava Parag Narain, Who’s Who in India (Lucknow: Newul Kishore Press, 1911), 27




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