Source: Bhargava Parag Narain, Who’s Who in India (Lucknow: Newul Kishore Press, 1911)

G. A. Natesan

Natesan, G.A., editor, journalist, publicist and politician, was born on August 25th 1870.

While still in College, Natesan displayed great literary skills. This manifested itself in his successful management of the Presidency College Literary Society as its secretary for five years, during which many prominent speakers lectured to the society. Following his graduation in 1897, he became a fellow of Madras University and a commissioner of the Madras Corporation.

He began his journalistic career in 1898 as an apprentice to Glyn Barlow, Editor of the Madras Times. This apprenticeship bought him the connections and confidence necessary to begin his own venture, which he soon did with the Indian Review in 1900. The publishing firm which he headed, Messrs G.A. Natesan and Co., was a great commercial success. This was widely attributed to his knack for display in advertisement and his originality in business. Among his most popular publications is the well-known series of Eminent Indians.

Natesan also had a fulfilling political career. He joined the moderate conference in 1919 and as a liberal, organized the Madras Liberal League of which he was secretary for several years. Later, he was elected joint secretary of the National Liberal League for the second time during their session in Madras. G. A. Natesan was also nominated to the Council of State twice, in 1924 and 1931 respectively. He visited Canada on Empire Parliamentary Delegation in 1928 and was appointed as a member of the Indian Tariff Board in 1933. The same year, he was presented with a Public Address in Madras on his 61st birthday.

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