IDEAS OF INDIA seeks to further the study of modern Indian political thought by drawing attention to the vibrant public sphere that took shape in the century prior to Independence. Sadly, most of the writers that commanded this stage, and endowed the Republic with its distinctive ‘argumentative’ ethos, have now been forgotten. The hope is that recalling these urbane and often brilliant thinkers will foster a richer and deeper understanding of Indian intellectual history.




This collection seeks to identify and catalog important contributions to Indian political thought as it evolved over latter half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. Its scope is limited, however. It focuses solely on English-language sources (translations are included when possible). One consequence is that the figures profiled here may be seen as embodying the views of social and political elites. Another consequence is that this archive may fail to capture debates conducted in the vernacular or otherwise unrepresented in English-language publications. These potential shortcomings should spur others to catalog discussions occurring outside or even in opposition to the ones highlighted here.




This archive contains three kinds of material.


First, it features biographical materials and photographs extracted from out-of-copyright publications. As these materials may have been abbreviated in the interest of space, they should not be cited as presented. Rather they should be cross-checked against the primary sources, which have been cited.


Second, this archive hosts a searchable database of the tables of contents of prominent English-language journals published prior to 1950. This database has been constructed through painstaking archival research. However no guarantees are given as to the completeness and correctness of the entries. Users are encouraged to cross-check with the primary sources.


Third, this archive intends to serve as a repository of links to full-text versions of out-of-copyright texts. These links point to scanned PDF files hosted by publicly accessible websites like Google Books, Hathi Trust, and Archive.org. IDEAS OF INDIA does not host these files and is not responsible for their being publicly accessible.


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