Source: The Indian Nation Builders: Part I, 7th ed (Madras: Ganesh & Co.)

Rash Behari Ghose

Born in 1845, Dr. Rash Behari Ghose made various significant contributions to the legal sphere in India.

Selected to fill the chair of the Tagore professor of law, he lectured on the subject of the Law of Mortgages in India and published a textbook on the subject. In a time when the Indian Legislature had not yet codified the law of mortgages, there was a strong need for a textbook that enabled easy access to information on the issue. Dr Whitely Stokes, the Law Member of the Supreme Council who was involved in codifying the Law of Mortgages in India, acknowledged the great help the textbook had served him.

He was appointed to the Supreme Council in 1891 and was re-appointed for another term in 1893. During his term, he introduced two bills of significant importance. One of them provided for the addition of a section to the Code of Civil Procedure enabling any person whose immovable property had been sold due to a decree to recover his property as long as he fulfilled certain conditions. The other provided for the partition of joint family property. He spoke extensively in public on a range of political and social issues. He died in 1921.

Source: The Indian Nation Builders: Part I, 7th ed (Madras: Ganesh & Co.), 303-310


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