Sachidananda Sinha

Sinha Sachchidananda , lawyer, politician and journalist, was born November 10th 1871. Sinha completed his College education in London. While living there, he was particularly interested in the methods of metropolitan journalism and actively participated in related institutions that were available to young Indians. On his return to India in 1893, he enrolled himself as an advocate to the Calcutta High Court and started a weekly journal, the Behar Times, which received considerable attention. In 1896, he moved to Allahabad and commenced practice in the high court. Later, he was offered the post of Honorary Secretary and editor of the monthly organ, called the Kayastha Semachar. While managing the Kayastha Semachar between 1900 and 1904, he also became the honorary editor of the Hindustan Review and started a weekly, called the Indian People. The Indian People was developed into a daily in 1910 and re-named the Leader. He became a member of the Imperial Legislative Council, was re-elected, and eventually, became its first Deputy President in 1921 He also held the office of the President in the Bihar and Orissa Legislative Council. He was appointed Executive Councillor and Finance Member of the Government of Bihar and Orissa, making him the first Indian to manage finance in a province. In 1924, he established the Srimati Radhika Institute in memory of his wife. In 1927, he visited England to participate in discussions regarding Indian reforms on Diarchy and later, in 1933, he was invited to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Indian Reforms, where he represented the constitutional nationalists. His editorial work did not cease. In 1929, he resumed editorship of the Hindustan Review and became Managing Director of the Indian Nation in 1931. Later, he also wrote several biographies depicting his contemporaries from Bihar. Sinha Sachchidananda passed away in 1950. Source: Bhargava Parag Narain, Who’s Who in India (Lucknow: 1911); Sir Stanley Reed, K. T., K. B. E., LL. D. and Francis Low, Indian Year Book 1934-1935, Volume XII (Bombay: Bennet, Coleman & Co., Ltd., 1934)

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