Source: The Indian Yearbook 1945-46: Volume XXXII, ed. Sir Francis Low (Bombay and Calcutta: Bennett, Coleman & Co., 1945), 1162

Sisir Kumar Mitra

A pioneer of radio research in India, Sisir Kumar Mitra was born in 1891.

He held the position of the Ghose Professor of Physics at the University of Calcutta and also served as the President of the Mathematics and Physics Section of the Indian Science Congress in 1934. In addition, he was a member of the Bengal Industrial Survey Committee from 1944-1945, Chairman of the Radio Research Committee and the Board of the Scientific of Scientific and Industrial Research from 1942-1948 and President of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengali in 1951. From 1944-45, he was given the distinction of being part of the Indian Science Mission to the UK and USA. He also made significant contributions to various scientific journals and was highly noted for his work on the ionised layers of the upper atmosphere, which were of interest for their role in guiding radio waves globally.

Aside from his academic associations, Mitra was also the President of the Rotary Club of Calcutta in 1942 and Director of the Hindusthan Co-operative Insurance Society Ltd. He was further reputed for his Bengali writings and radio talks on popular science.

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